The Journal

Icelandic Memories In 6x6

Small memories and stories of mine while traveling the beautiful wonders of Iceland. All photographs were taken on a Hasselblad 500c with Kodak Portra 160 film pushed one stop.


It seemed like no matter what our plans were for the day, we always ended up at Skogafoss, a beautiful waterfall (and tourist trap to an extent) in Southern Iceland. There were multiple times where we had the waterfall all to ourselves, one time where I ate complete shit at the top, and well, one time where a few French gentleman tried to steal our Land Rover.

The Glacier Lagoon is easily my favorite place I have ever been to in my entire life. The location and atmosphere is perfect. Ryan and myself lost track of time while exploring all that Jökulsárlón had to offer. I remember running over the black sand hills that lead up to the crystal clear waters. Ryan was loosing his god given mind on how excited I was as I tripped and stumbled with all my gear to view its vastness. I felt right at home.

Meet Arlena, a very special human being and a dear friend of mine. I truly don't think this trip would have been the same without her joining in all of our adventures. How we met was even stranger. Ryan and I had a 9 hour layover in NYC, so I had sent her a direct message asking her if she would like to meet up while we were passing. She didn't respond but shortly after we landed in Reykjavik I got a response from her saying she was living in Iceland and that we had to meet up. That turned into us spending the majority of my time in Iceland together. Early morning to late night road trips, swimming naked together in the mountains, and laughing almost all of the time. I love you and I definitely miss you already!

The Kaffihús Vesturbæjar in downtown Reykjavik was a little hidden gem we found after lots of searching. For some reason, when you search "coffee in Reykjavik" this place doesn't show up. Maybe this is a good thing, as it was never over crowded when we went. I swear this place has to be in Kinfolk or Cereal Magazine, it was that perfect aesthetically. Also, this place has the most delicious croissants and hot chocolate I have ever had.

Leave it to me to forget to lick all of my rolls of film shut when changing them out. Luckily all of my film wasn't completely ruined and some of the photographs that had leaks I actually really love. This little waterfall was on our way to the Glacier Lagoon and served as the perfect get out and stretch your legs moment. It's hard to ignore Iceland's constant beauty.

I hope you all enjoyed reading these stories, the entire trip was all made possible because of your support! Next year should be an incredible continuation of my travels and I am excited to be able to share more photographs and stories with you all!